Our Courses

First of all, MHE Training UK would be happy to provide full course contents for your perusal; just give us a call on 0754 306 0827 / 0730 580 8999 and we can take you through the training schedule and timings.

All fork truck training, reach truck training, lorry loader training courses can also be accredited, along with any course we carry out.

We have used our years of experience to develop a wide range of non-accredited MHE training courses

This allows us to even more closely tailor a forklift training course to the specifics of your business and employee profile also. While these courses are not governed by accrediting bodies, they are ran in exactly the same way, with similar timings and an excellent way of getting the most out of your staff, providing tangible improvements in job specific areas.

Allowing us to work with you, prior to the course starting.

You can check course Availability here.

  • Reach Truck
  • Counter Balance
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Powered Pallet Truck
  • Low Level Order Picker
  • Multi Level Order Picker
  • Very Narrow Aisle
  • Pedestrian Stacker
  • Flexi/Bendi truck
  • Multi Directional Truck (Combilift)
  • Tow Motor (Tug)
  • All Terrain Telescopic Handler
  • Scissor Lift
  • Pendant Crane
  • Overhead Pendant Crane/Hoist
  • Slinging and Signalling
  • Harness Training
  • Harness Inspection
  • Confined Spaces
  • Banksman
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Cat & Genny
  • Safe Use of Ladders
  • Working at Height
  • CPC
  • Loader Securer
  • Side Loader
  • Manual Handling
  • HIAB
  • Cherry Picker
  • 3a Scissor lift
  • 3b Cherry picker
  • A1 Pedestrian Pallet Truck
  • A2 Rider Pallet Truck
  • A3 Pedestrian Counter Balance
  • A4 Rider Pallet Stacker
  • A5 Pedestrian Pallet Stacker
  • A6 Pedestrian Sraddle Truck
  • A7 Pedestrian Reach Truck
  • B1 Counter Balance (up to 5000kg)
  • B2 Counter Balance (5000 to 15000kg)
  • C1 Side Loader (up to 5000kg)
  • C2 Side Loader (5000 to 15000kg)
  • D1 Reach Fork Truck (up to 8000mm)
  • D2 Reach Fork Truck (Over 8000mm)
  • D3 Rider Stand on Reach Truck
  • E1 Low/Medium Lift Order Picker
  • E2 High Lift Order Picker
  • F1 Very Narrow Aisle (Man Up)
  • H1 Tow Tractor & Trailer
  • J3 Rough Terrain High Lift Telescopic (Over 9000mm)
  • M1 Multi directional
  • P1 Pivot Steer
  • P2 Pedestrian Pivot
  • R0 Hoist Crane
  • R1 Pendant controlled Overhead (Gantry) Crane
  • R2 Remote controlled Overhead (Gantry) Crane
  • R4 Jib Crane
  • R5 Lorry Mounted Crane
  • S2 Vehicle/MHE Banksman
  • T1 Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks
  • Z1 Manual Pallet Truck
  • Z3 Manual Pallet Stacker
  • Z4 Manual Straddle Truck
  • Abrasive wheels
  • Cat & Genny
  • Harness awareness
  • Harness inspection
  • Lorry loader secure
  • Manual Handling

Check important guidance for “HSE Guidelines on Lift Truck Training“.