Scissor lifts are really useful machines which have taken over a roll in many areas where less safe practices may have acceptable in the past.

In many cases the use of Scaffolding has been eliminated. The scissor lift has diminished the need to operate from a man cage attached to the forks of a lift truck.

The HSE are trying to phase out the use of man up cages, which now are only used for unplanned maintenance.

The advantage a scissor lift has over the cage is that the operator is in control of ascent, descent. And all movement of the mobile elevated work platform also.

They have made an appearance in warehousing for cycle counts and stock checks, also among other uses.

So, provided an operator has a head for heights, MHE Training UK will cover a range of information in the theory from the requirement and safe use of a harness and lanyard on the Scissor lift. To operating angles and the deployment of stabilisers to the funnel effects of wind in certain conditions.

In the practical side, operators will learn to master the controls on scissor lift. Make sure they are looking in all the right places before elevating themselves to the required height for safe operation.