Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane

MHE Training UK courses on the Overhead Crane will  tailor to the specific types of application used in your work place.

Firstly, we will cover the basics of slinging and signalling within this course as it is a requirement to know this when lifting.

Secondly, in the theory session of this course many other aspects will be covered. Finally, In practical, candidates will learn how to safely lift various loads with the Overhead Crane,  learning what to look out for before the lift.

They will learn about the importance of planning the route, from lift to transport and deposit, also keeping the load as low as practicable.

The candidates will learn how to control and reduce a swing. If it should ever occur and pass with the confidence they require for safe Overhead Crane lifting operations.

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Check important guidance for “HSE Guidelines on Lift Truck Training“.